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Bring it on!

The third time of seeing the flights infant of my on my mac screen i did it. It was gone 11pm and i just thought do it. I was doing it alone but when else was i going to have the opportunity to do such an adventure. Its not very often i get time to have time to myself and being alone for three months in Iceland i did wonder whether another two and half weeks is really something i wanted to do but i grabbed the chance while i can and going. Sri Lanka, Bangkok and Cambodia. My hashtag would be #SriBangDia.

So SriBanDia was booked and i started to researched the different cities to visit. I looked at different parts of Sri Lanka and realised it was monsoon season on the West side of the Island, brilliant, but perfect time to visit the East side. Decision made. I was to travel across Sri Lanka stopping off at different parts. The more i researched Sri Lanka the more i fell in love with the country. Laid back, hot, beautiful and most importantly far away from my comfort zone.

I would fly London to Dubai, little transfer then onto Colombo. From there I'll be heading to Kandy with a small stop at the Elephant Orphanage. The idea of seeing elephants up close and personal made my heart flutter. A few days in Kandy then onto Ella by train - which is supposedly the most scenic train ride in the world! - then to Arugman Bay from a few days on the beach. Sounds pretty incredible and i can't wait!

From there, I'd head back to Colombo and fly over for one night in Bangkok. I'll probably keep it low key and calm in Bangkok. I know full well i may have the urge to head into the city at night but I once visit Bangkok so this trip is prodominantly about Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Saying that, I want to make the most of the trip so i may jump on the river cruise once i arrive.... who knows! The travel mind set already setting in it seems!

Cambodia. One week. Three cities. Culteral extravaganza! Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh.

Its the mammoth journey home from there!

Thats the outline. I've booked as much as i can. I have my dollars ready. Keeping an open mind and whatever happens now happens.

Bring it on i say!

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