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===Who'd have thought I would actually book it....===

After long conversations with my closest friends and family I was ready to book my first long distance, travelling, holiday, alone. I had no idea where i wanted to go or what i wanted to see so my friend Will and I poured a vodka tonic and brainstormed ideas and places. I got a pang to go to Cambodia after hearing Will's stories so looked into going to Asia and built from there.

I'm currently in Iceland working and i have to admit its made me realise i need to travel much more than i do. When i say travel i mean, backpack on, forget the designer gear and get out there and explore. I've always WANTED to but work commitments have sadly taken over and I've never had the chance. I know its 'only' two and a half weeks, but still, its a start right...!

So back to prepping, I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone. When it comes to travelling I'm normally the 5 star, all inclusive kind of guy so for me to even contemplate heading to a place without endless supply of first world amenities made certain people laugh - i don't know why, i can go a few days without a nice hot power shower or a bowl of pasta can't i??! Anyway, I wanted to open up my eyes to a world outside of the world i live in.

After a few more vodka tonics and a few laughs, prodominately at my lack of geography knowledge, i had decided on adding Sri Lanka to my list of places to see. No idea why, i have never even thought about Sri Lanka never mind about spending time there - I thought it was in the Caribbean... yeah i know. It was going to be my first stop, a first taster of whats to come during my travelling trip.

So I logged on to STA travel - plug they company seen as there's some pretty impressive deals on there! - and I had my flights staring infront of me, i just needed to press confirm and pay.

UK -> Sri Lanka -> Thailand -> Cambodia -> UK. Looked pretty on screen. Just do it I kept saying to myself but something just said wait and hold on a second, prepare more, research more. What i didn't think about was how jet lag would effect me, how long to stay in each place - i mean am i doing too much? Where would I stay in each country... ahhh so many questions! My 'adult' pressure started creeping up...

Too overwhelming for one night so I shut my laptop screen, finished off my fourth vodka tonic, popped my eye on and fell asleep...

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